Fifth Grade Ipoh Field Trip

On April 15, the whole of the grade 5 class went on a field trip to Ipoh in Perak, for 3 days and 2 nights. It was really fun. We got do so many activities. I liked the rope course because it was the most daring thing I have ever done.  The giant swing was another of my favourite rope activities. You felt like you were flying through the air.

On the last day of our field trip we went jungle trekking and we had to take a truck into the rainforest. The road was so bumpy that we were all scared that we were about to fall off the truck.  When we got the rainforest, we were so excited to go and look and explore. As we walked further into the rainforest, we discovered a leech. One of our group members got a leech on his foot.  A leech is a kind of bug that sucks up a humans blood. I did not get bitten by the leeches, I was very lucky. When we had gotten to the top of the mountain we saw one of the biggest flower buds I had ever seen. Our guide told us it was called a Rafflesia, and would grow to be one of the biggest flowers in Malaysia.

Rafflesia bud
The Giant Millipede named ” Fred Smith'”

As we walked back from the rainforest, the guide spotted a giant millipede – it was huge! When we were going back, we saw stick bugs that climbed on our heads.

The Giant Stick Bug named ” Sally George”
The Raja Brooks butterflies

We also saw the most beautiful butterflies ever, called the Raja Brooks butterflies. The butterflies are the well  known in the rainforest. The Orang Asli, the original people of Malaysia protect this butterfly.  It was amazing. This is the most nature I have gotten in a very long time.

5 thoughts on “Fifth Grade Ipoh Field Trip

  1. I am learning so much. This is awesome! I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to visit the rain forest so this is very important for me.


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