The Langkawi trip

My first adventure in Malaysia was to an island called Langkawi.  It was a really wonderful and beautiful place. We stayed at a hotel on a private island called Rebak Island, and took a ferry to the mainland Langkawi everyday.


We took a tour on a boat to see the mangroves, and on the way we fed some fish. The fun lasted for five minutes, and then a fat guy from our boat jumped into the water to impress his girlfriend and scared all the fish away. We had to lean on one side of the boat to get him out of the water!


We also went to feed the monkeys with toasted bread. They jumped from the trees into the water and swam to get their bread.

IMG_2438     IMG_2461

We learned some facts about monkeys:

– Never look a monkey in the eye

– Never smile at them or show your teeth. They see it as aggression, and may attack you.

– Don’t carry plastic bags or shiny things, as they will grab them from you thinking it’s food. Now I’m afraid of monkeys!!!

After that we went for a ride on the cable cars and went into some rainclouds.  It’s a good thing I’m not afraid of heights!


8 thoughts on “The Langkawi trip

  1. I enjoyed this blog tonight, Leah. Thank you! You are a very good writer. Can’t wait for the next one! Much love, Carol


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